Brunswick Co. teachers learn ukulele and guitar to integrate into classroom

Brunswick Co. teachers learn ukulele and guitar to integrate into classroom

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A group of teachers in our area is taking a new approach to teaching.

About 20 Brunswick County elementary, middle and high school teachers are learning to play the ukulele and guitar to implement the instruments into their academic lessons.

The opportunity is being provided to them by Guitars in the Classroom thanks to a grant from the Country Music Association.

The goal of the program is to help teachers learn to adapt and write song lyrics to integrate music into their classrooms.

In the lesson on Tuesday the teachers changed the word in the kid's song "Bingo," to "poise." This can be used to help the students with their spelling.

Cindy Killian, a high school teacher participating in the program says she isn't using the music as much for classroom lessons, but more for life lessons.

"There are a lot of things that I'm sure elementary school teachers and middle school teachers could do that they might approach teaching vocabulary or some of the sciences differently," Killian said. "But we hope it's just a way to get the students engaged, break down some barriers, show them that we can be relaxed, and goofy."

Killian says she isn't comfortable preforming in front of people. However, she recently used the guitar in her classroom with her seniors who were preparing to give their senior project presentation, to calm their nerves and to show them that if she can have the courage to preform in front of other people, that they can too.

All the teachers get to keep their ukulele, tuner, picks and other classroom resources including lesson plans.

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