Panel discussion about climate change, solutions

Panel discussion about climate change, solutions

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Professors, business leaders, and politicians met Saturday at UNC Wilmington for a panel discussion about climate change, titled "Mitigation through Education."

Topics on the agenda included sea level rise, coral reefs, sustainable energy, offshore drilling, and solutions to climate change.

Narcisa Pricope, Ph.D. gave a presentation about the impact of rising sea levels on Wilmington's infrastructure and resources. Her research team, the Socio-Environmental Analysis Lab, investigated this issue.

Coastal North Carolina is especially vulnerable to rising sea levels and severe storms because of the low elevation, dense population, and extensive barrier island system.

A 100-year flood, one that has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year, would cause the Cape Fear River to rise nine feet above its base level, damaging surrounding infrastructure, according to Pricope.

To combat climate change and human-induced environmental impact, Pricope recommends people take political action to make your voice heard.

"I'm not going to say change your light bulbs, recycle, and drive less. No; those are basically little peas at this point. I'm going to say vote. And pay attention to who you vote for, what they're talking about, and what their agenda is," said Pricope

The full lineup of speakers, according to the event page:

10:00 am: 15 min. Dr. Thomas Hart, UNC-Wilmington Professor- Introduction of Speakers

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