Foster parenting event shares rewards, challenges

Foster parenting event shares rewards, challenges

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Foster Pantry opened its doors Saturday to share information about Foster caregiving for kids in needs.

The event, titled "Food, Friends, and Fostering," ran for 3 hours at Foster Pantry, located at 6841 Market Street, Unit B in Wilmington. More than 20 experienced and potential foster parents gathered to hear from Licensing worker Allison Davis.

The Foster Pantry is a community closet that prepares clothing and other supplies for foster families.

Allison Davis, licensing worker, will answer questions about foster parenting including respite care, DDS, and other ways you can support kids in needs.

Emily Klinefelter, a foster parent who helped to organize the event, said foster parenting is an incredibly rewarding and challenging opportunity.

"It's loving somebody with your whole heart, for a short period of time, and creating a safe haven when there isn't one," said Klinefelter.

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