Man offers to clean Confederate statues

Man offers to clean Confederate statues

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Brandon Patrick had a lot more on his mind than restoring monuments when he offered to clean Confederate statues in downtown Wilmington.

Patrick started his pressure washing business, Pro One Services, in Whiteville over two years ago.

"My company is centered on giving back to the community, and that is one thing I like to do," Patrick said.

When two Confederate statues in Wilmington were vandalized two weeks ago, Patrick felt obligated to help.

"If spray painting a statue is what they are centered around, then so be it," he said. "They will have guys like me to come clean it up."

Patrick said he isn't just concerned about Confederate monuments. He said he would travel anywhere to fix any kind of statue if it were vandalized.

"A Martin Luther King statue or a Native American insignia statue," Patrick said. "Anything with any kind of historic significance, that is vital to where we are going because as a country and as a state and as a county, we don't know where we are going until we know where we have been."

Patrick said he doesn't want to upset anyone by offering to wash the monuments, but he hopes it will set an example of doing something good for your community.

"I mean, it's going to get better," he said. "It has to."

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