NASA pays teachers a visit during eclipse

NASA pays teachers a visit during eclipse

Teachers in Brunswick County watched Monday's eclipse and learned valuable information from NASA consultants.

Brunswick County Academy hosted a viewing party for county teachers and an information session led by NASA's educational resource consultants Monday afternoon. The session led by NASA focused on ways teachers can use the eclipse to create educational opportunities for kids in the classroom.

"I think the best thing we can deliver to any of our children is a sense of wonder," said Dr. Keith DuClos, a NASA consultant. "They will experience what they see today, but in the coming weeks, the school opens and teachers will begin to parlay what they've seen into understanding what happened."

If you are looking for wonder, step no further than Lorenzo Jennings' classroom. His lofty goals for the new school year include asking his fine arts students to build small domes to house their own small eclipses.

"If you give the student a foundation of basics in a very innovative way, they never lose that," Jennings said. "In their emotional vacuum that they are in being in middle and high school, they really connect with things of (the eclipse) sort because they are extremes."

The eclipse brought floods of memories from the adults and curious gazes from the children.

"My Pop Pop wanted me to see the solar eclipse," said Khavhean Brookins, a soon-to-be fifth grader at Belville Elementary. "I was waiting for it to come a long time ago."

Brookins wanted to witness history with his grandfather. Sadly, his grandfather died in September.

His love for eclipses now lives on through Khavhean.

"Thinking about my Pop Pop right now," Brookins said as he gazed up at the sky.

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