Gov. Cooper vetoes senate bill over water quality concerns

Updated: Aug. 14, 2017 at 9:04 PM EDT
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RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed two bills that passed the General Assembly earlier this month, including one the governor claims would impact the ability to protect water quality.

Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 16, the Business Regulatory Reform Act of 2017, which seeks to remove regulations in many instances. The bill extends the validity of some wastewater permits issued by local health departments that may have expired, and limits requirements for increased stormwater controls on some new developments.

"We should make it easier, not harder, for state and local governments to protect water quality, whether through stormwater safeguards or by giving public health departments the ability to revisit wastewater permits if needed. Rolling back ways to protect water quality is dangerous," Cooper said in his veto message.

Cooper also vetoed House Bill 770, which, among other things, clarified salaries for members of the state's Property Tax Commission, and changed the number of appointees the governor can name to the state medical board from six to four, with the General Assembly appointing two members.

"This special pay benefit for one employee getting two state salaries is unnecessary and unfair to other state employees," Cooper said in his veto message. "In addition, the legislature taking two appointments to the state's Medical Board is an intrusion on executive authority and not needed."

The vetoes are the ninth and 10th since Cooper took office. The General Assembly has overridden five of those vetoes.

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