'Trouble in the Water' aims to give clean water to those in need

'Trouble in the Water' aims to give clean water to those in need

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's called "Trouble in the Water," a new project started by the New Hanover County Black Leadership Caucus.

The project's goal is simple - to get clean drinking water to those who can't get it for themselves.

Sonya Patrick, who is organizing the drive, says that some GenX in the water is simply too much, and she and others want to make sure the less fortunate in our community can drink safe, clean water free of GenX contamination.

The monthly water drive aims to help senior citizens, and those without transportation or those lacking funds, gain access to bottled water.

"Some of the people in the downtown community can't make it all the way to Ogden where the free ground water is," Patrick said. "We want to try to get a filtration system in place in our inner city areas."

Patrick says she is also educating those in the downtown community who may not have TV or internet to help them understand exactly what GenX is and what it means for their health.

The drive is going on every fourth Tuesday of the month at the Robert Taylor Senior homes on North Fifth Avenue in Wilmington. Drop-off times are from 6-8 p.m.

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