Cargo containers to be backbone of new multi-use development

Cargo containers to be backbone of new multi-use development

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Drive by Wilmington's port and you can't miss the stacked cargo containers that have traveled the globe.

Now, cargo containers just like those are being repurposed into homes and businesses.

Think of Wilmington's newest development as a giant recycling project.

The Cargo District is located near the intersection of 16th and Queen streets. Developers are envisioning a multi-purpose destination where people can live, work, and spend money.

"We want to be family friendly, a place you can hang out, grab coffee and come here to work," said Bryan Kristof of Coworx. "You know, a real live/work kind of comfortable environment."

Coworx is renting out office and desk space to local business owners looking for something different, large or small.

The first phase of the Cargo District will include cargo units that will be converted into apartments. Other phases include a food truck rodeo, green space, a coffee shop, and perhaps condos.

"Think 'industrial camping,'" Kristof said. "I was trying to think of words to describe this and that's what I settled on."

There are other projects like this seeing success in other parts of the country. This will be a first for Wilmington.

"Hopefully, this will help put Wilmington on the map," Kristof said. "The Cargo District could help to attract smart, talented people and create a cool, local environment, unlike anything else in the city."

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