Tourists curious about GenX

Tourists curious about GenX
The walkway will be placed Thursday afternoon and will connect to two beach accesses right next to the main stage on the boardwalk.

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Though news outlets have reported on the GenX issue for weeks, those vacationing in the Wilmington area may not have heard about the unregulated chemicals found in the Cape Fear River.

WECT spoke with several tourists walking along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Tuesday and asked if they knew about GenX before coming to the area. While some said they aren't letting the news spoil their vacation, others are upset they didn't know and said it may change their plans.

"I'm leaving because of the water," said Bobby Beeson, who came to Carolina Beach from Lexington with his wife. "I had no plans to leave, but after this, I think we're going to leave tonight."

"It's kind of scary," Sarah Chambers said. "I mean, you know, we would have definitely had other plans had we known that that was a problem. Your safety is a lot more important than a vacation."

To be clear, those in Carolina Beach are not affected by GenX or any other chemicals that were discovered in the Cape Fear River. Carolina Beach gets its water from underwater aquifers.

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