NC woman spreading positivity with painted rocks

NC woman spreading positivity with painted rocks

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Janna Siegel Robertson started a group that is spreading positivity throughout the community one rock at a time.

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She got the idea from a group in Memphis called 901 Rocks and decided to replicate it in New Hanover County, but with the name 910 Rocks!

The idea of the project is to paint a rock any way you want that may include an inspirational or positive message on it. Then you hide the rock anywhere in the county so it is left for anyone to stumble upon and hopefully brighten their day.

Robertson posted on Facebook asking if any of her friends would be interested in starting a group like the one in Memphis and within five minutes she had about 12 of her friends in on the project.

She made the Facebook group called 910 Rocks! and it soon began growing exponentially.

The group now has about 1,800 people and counting.

Robertson said many schools and churches in the area have taken notice of the group and have had their members and students participate in the project as well.

She says there are currently painted rocks in every park in the area and a lot hidden on the UNCW campus.

Robertson said shortly after she formed the 910 Rocks! group, she learned there were many other groups in the area doing the same kind of thing. Some of those groups include Wilmington rocks, Island Montessori School has a group, there are some groups in Hampstead, one in Holden Beach and more.

This trend is now national. Robertson said 910 Rocks! is now part of USA rocks.

She says this is a collaborative effort, not a competitive sport. Robertson said all the groups like to work together to spread as much positivity as they can.

"The more of us who can paint rocks and spread them around the community, the better our community is."

Contrary to the popular saying "It's better to give than receive," Robertson says finding a rock is one of the times that people feel better about receiving rather than giving.

"I have to admit, this is one of those times that when you do find one, there is no way you don't feel better about your day, about yourself, or about the world," Robertson said. "To know there's other people who want to spread kindness just like you do... I don't know. That's the kind of Wilmington I want to live in."

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