WoW organization protests to get answers about GenX

WoW organization protests to get answers about GenX
Updated: Jun. 19, 2017 at 3:45 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Women Organizing for Wilmington (WoW!) returned to the streets of downtown Wilmington Monday to protest Chemours and the GenX contamination of the Cape Fear River and water supplies.

Dozens showed up in front of city hall to express their frustration with the company and the non-transparent way in which they have been handling the situation.

Members of WoW! and people who showed up to protest said having a closed meeting of a public issue is concerning to them.

Lynn Shoemaker, a founding member of WoW! says she is frustrated with the fact that the public has been shut out of this discussion.

"These are people that we elect to represent us and so far they have failed to do that in this situation," Shoemaker said. "And if they have done something, we don't know about it because they're not communicating with us."

Questions such as, how long have our elected officials known about the toxins in the water, why have they failed to disclose this contamination to the public until now, how do they intend to provide bottled water to all the citizens and economically disadvantaged people, are just some of the long list of questions that Wow! still wants answers too.

"It's not helpful that people are walking around with a bunch of questions that are unanswered. And it's not okay that the people we elected are not speaking to us about what they know," Shoemaker said.

The group encouraged people who passed on the street to come to the Wilmington City Council meeting Tuesday night to continue to express their concern about this situation and to continue to press for answers.

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