Carolinian Inn enters into consent judgment

Carolinian Inn enters into consent judgment

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - After filing separate legal actions against each other, the District Attorney's Office and the owners of the Carolinian Inn have agreed to enter into a consent judgment, signifying a joint effort to deter crime at the motel.

Both parties were in court Friday morning for a hearing to determine if the state could issue a permanent restraining order against the motel. A judge signed a temporary restraining order against the motel last week, which prohibited any illegal activity on the property until a preliminary injunction hearing.

After two hours of out-of-court discussion, District Attorney Ben David and attorneys for the Carolinian Inn said they had agreed to resolve the matter with a different approach, later announcing they had entered into the consent judgment.

"In entering into this agreement, I recognize that [Laxman and Hiri Odedra – Carolinian Inn's owners] voluntarily began a series of measures to improve their property back in 2015," David said. "These measures included requiring all guests to present a photo ID and matching credit card with the same name, requiring all guests to complete a registration card for all vehicles and display a parking pass inside those vehicles, and installing security cameras."

The Odedras are also be required to hire at least one private licensed security guard to work during the late night/early morning hours every day, maintain at least ten surveillance cameras that the Wilmington Police Department can monitor in real time, and dismiss their lawsuit filed in Wake County court within 14 days.

The temporary restraining order against the Carolinian Inn will also be dismissed as a result of the agreement, David said.

The Odedras are hardworking, law abiding citizens," Ed West, attorney for the Carolinian Inn, said. "They appreciate the recognition of their efforts to improve the property by the District Attorney and look forward to continuing to work with law enforcement. The Odedras care deeply about the welfare of their community."

The Carolinian Inn is the fifth of six motels targeted by the District Attorney's Office in December 2015 in an effort to deter criminal activity. The sixth, America's Best Value Inn, is under new ownership, and has been given additional time to come into compliance.

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