UNCW professor explores the psychology behind moral judgments

UNCW professor explores the psychology behind moral judgments

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Dr. Dale Cohen, a psychology professor, presented "How People Make Moral Judgments" Wednesday night in the Fisher Student Center on the UNCW campus.

The talk is part of the "UNCWednesday" series and is presented by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cohen's presentation explored the psychology behind moral judgments using his subjective utilitarian theory.

"My theory of moral judgment can predict how long and what response people will make to moral dilemmas," Cohen said.

Around 50 people came to the lecture. Cohen believes the topic of moral judgment is very relevant in today's society.

"I think a lot of people are interested in moral judgments because you make moral judgments every day," said Cohen. "But I think they know nothing about what the brain does when that happens."

Cohen also said the information from the lecture will help people connect to one another.

"My hope is that people will be able to then be able to understand what other people are thinking," Cohen said. "At the very least if you understand how people make moral judgments, then when you're talking to people about issues that involve morals then you can talk at ways that really get at the heart of the issue."

"UNCWednesday" shines a spotlight on UNCW faculty research in the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences.

The inaugural series opened in January with a panel discussion of UNCW history professor Paul Townend's recently published book, The Road to Home Rule: Anti-Imperialism and the Irish National Movement.

Two additional programs are planned for the spring semester.

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