"I was Baptized in the River, I can't hate the River."

"I was Baptized in the River, I can't hate the River."

CURRIE, NC (WECT) - A river that holds a treasured past for one woman also destroyed everything she owns. Kristen Johnson was born and raised in Currie in Pender County.

She was baptized at the age of 14 in the Black River, the same river that has flooded out her home she has lived in since 1994.

"That river washed my sins away when I was 14, so I just can't hate the river," Johnson said.

Johnson lost everything except a few photo albums.

"We were so scared because we could just see the water coming up, we just had no idea it would be this bad," Johnson said.

Saturday, volunteers from her church and the NC Baptist Men and Women Disaster Relief Ministry helped her clean out her waterlogged home.

Her church, Bethel Baptist, built in 1800 was also a victim Hurricane Matthew. Volunteers worked Saturday tearing out the flooring and the pews.

Johnson said her church family will help her get through these trying times.

"I feel so blessed the Lord has just touched us, this is Him this is all the Lord," said Johnson.

Johnson is currently renting land in another county.

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