Beach clean-up planned after helicopter cash drop backlash

Beach clean-up planned after helicopter cash drop backlash
The social media app company, Likeli, has planned a beach sweep following a helicopter cash drop at Wrightsville Beach. Likeli hired High Tide Helicopters to fly over UNCW students Tuesday at its back-to-school event, Beach Blast. Employees dropped a bucket full of cash, promotional fliers and stickers over the water.
Two UNCW ocean conservation groups, Plastic Ocean Project and Surfrider Foundation, had a booth set up at the event to teach students about keeping the ocean clean. Arisa Yoon is the president of Plastic Ocean Project.
"It’s hard to sit there on the beach, UNCW POP and Surfrider, promoting the conservation and preservation of our oceans and then a second later all of our students drop money and fliers into the ocean,” Yoon said. “I can understand all the excitement and the fun that it was, that’s what beach blast is about, but I think it’s our responsibility as UNCW since we are a school that is so close to the coast, that we ensure that those things don’t happen.”
Likeli has since apologized, saying the stunt was a mistake. They have planned a clean-up of their own, scheduled for 9 a.m. this Sunday at Stone Street in Wrightsville Beach. Below is the description on the Facebook event:

As most of you are aware, on Tuesday August 16th, we hired a helicopter pilot to take us over Wrightsville Beach where we intended to dropped $1,000 cash and promotional material over the sand. The “stunt” did not go as planned and we ended up dropping those items into the water. Not only did we potentially harm the wildlife and dirty the water, but we were unable to gain access for our cleanup team, leaving the responsibility of the remaining mess on event staff.

This Sunday August 21st, will be our first beach clean on Wrightsville Beach. This will be a full beach sweep. The clean will be starting at 9:00am at Stone Street and we would love to have anyone available join us in trying to keep Wrightsville clean.

We acknowledge that this mistake was ours and ours to own, but we would appreciate all available hands. We are currently working to schedule a Masonboro clean as well. We will keep you up to date with these efforts as they are finalized.

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