CrossFit draws more viewers to Olympic weightlifting

CrossFit draws more viewers to Olympic weightlifting

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - CrossFit is a sport many athletes can pick up later on in life, sometimes starting after high school or college. It's an individual sport, and without having to join a team, the success of the lifter is all based on how hard they're willing to work.

Members of the barbell club at CrossFit Reignited, who lift competitively, said they learn Olympic style lifts as part of the foundations of CrossFit.

Olympic weightlifting focuses on just two types of lifts.

"You're going to the gym every day. You're lifting the barbell, you're taking care of your recoveries, eating sleeping properly, getting tissue work done, it's all on you. Your ability is based on what you put into the sport," said Jason White, a competitive weightlifter:

Members of the barbell team said the United States weightlifting team is mostly women, including Morgan King, who didn't start lifting until she was 26 years old.

Jessica Roach said that's a major draw for this sport and hopes this year's Olympic team encourages other women to participate

"I think more women are going to watch this [and] are going to be like, 'Oh my gosh! Morgan King weighs a 100 lbs., she's lifting more than 200 pounds over her head, anyone can do that.' I think it's going to be an inspiration to a lot of women and girls," she said.

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