Eagle Point ready for 2017 Wells Fargo Championship

Eagle Point ready for 2017 Wells Fargo Championship

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The club has been hard at work getting ready since it was announced in February 2014 that the Eagle Point Golf Club would host the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship.

"Big time nerves. We just want to do such a good job. It's our chance to give back to the Wilmington area," said President Eagle Point Golf Club Bobby Long.

Long says there isn't a day he doesn't lose sleep thinking about all the work that needs to be done.

Eagle Point is hosting the tournament because Quail Hollow in Charlotte, who is the regular home, is hosting the PGA Championship. The club is wasting no expense to ensure the course is well received. The Wells Fargo and Quail Hollow annually one of the favorite tour stop of the pros.

"We brought in our experts asking them what can we do to make this great, and we have been doing that every minute since," said Long.

They have gone as far as bringing in Marsh Benson, the retired superintendent for Augusta Nationals to work on the course.

"And one of his trademarks at Augusta National if you look at the grass rolls into the water. It's called bull noising and it's very subtle, and it's elegant and we have done it to four or five of our water features out here," explained Eagle Point Golf Director Bill Anderson.

The course has also added new tee boxes to lengthen the course to almost 7,500 yards.

The tournament runs May 1-7 2017, and officials are hoping for upwards of 15,000 fans on the course each day.

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