Beach town struggling to remove sunken shrimp boat

Beach town struggling to remove sunken shrimp boat

HOLDEN BEACH, NC (WECT) - *(An earlier version of this story indicated the original owner of the property was also connected to the shrimp boat. That is not the case. We apologize for that error.)*

An empty lot is not only the site where a home once stood, it's also the site of a sunken shrimp boat.

"This shrimp boat has been there for about five years," Mayor Alan Holden of Holden Beach said.

Some find it beautiful, almost picture perfect.

"It started sinking, then it started really sinking," Holden explained.

The nearly 60 foot vessel is stuck in the water. The gas tank was taken out, but Holden is worried about it continuing to lean.

"The Town of Holden Beach encouraged Brunswick County and all the official entities that we could think of to come help us get rid of this potential hazardous situation,"Holden said.

The original owner of the property where the boat is docked died years ago, but someone else left it behind.

They reached out to the county because the property that the dock and boat are on, sit in an unincorporated part of Brunswick County, so it's not in Holden Beach's jurisdiction.

The county says they have tried applying for grants to get rid of the boat, with no luck. They're looking at a $30,000-$50,000 price tag that just isn't in the budget. So far now, the situation is at a stand still, leaving Holden fearful for those in the water.

"It's not a metal boat and as it rots pieces are going to drift away from the site," Holden explained, "And someone's going to hit these parts."

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