Lifepoint Church preps for Uganda Mission Trip

Lifepoint Church preps for Uganda Mission Trip

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Just three months remain until Lifepoint Church begins their latest journey halfway across the globe.

The Church, located just off 17th and College, began trips to Uganda with just a few members in 2010. The Lagutu Village, at that point in time, was on the verge of collapse.

"This was an area that up until 2007 was ravaged by Civil War," noted George Kapusta, a pastor at Lifepoint. "The younger men, younger boys, were literally taken and forced to fight in the war."

Lifepoint partners with the Sport Outreach Institute in their work, which when it first began, was more about just developing a foundation in the village. Digging wells, building huts, and distributing medicine was a majority of the work being done. Now, the group is starting to develop their work, incorporating sport, and ministry.

"When we went over there, they basically had their soccer goals as two sticks in the ground," Kapusta said. "So we paid, and had goals made for them. As it continues to grow, the need becomes not so much on the building projects, but how do we minister to the people over there."

Kapusta explained that it's not about raising money to go to Uganda, but about what they can do to help change lives.

As the village has shown stability and growth - Kapusta now completely invests in this trip and mission that at one point, he was hesitant to begin.

"It's been a huge change in my life, because the first year I went over there I really didn't want to go, but I knew when I got back, this was a place God was calling me," Kapusta said. "We believe that we have made a huge impact, so me personally I will go back as long as God gives me the strength."

A trip for one member costs just over $3,000. Lifepoint will be sending 30 members this June.

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