Wilmington mom, son talk about READ Act

Wilmington mom, son talk about READ Act

James is eight years old and is not afraid to say he is dyslexic.

"It means not reading, hard to read, hard to write and math," James said.

Dyslexia is a brain processing disorder that affects someone's ability to learn, that is estimated to effect 8.5 million Americans. James's mother Lisa Eakins said people with dyslexia are no different than everyone else.

"They're not stupid, they're not slow," Eakins said. "They're actually amazing."

Last week, President Obama signed The Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act, or READ Act, into law. It's the first federal dyslexia-specific law ever. It will require the the National Science Foundation to devote at least $2.5 million to research, early identification, training for teachers, and special curriculum for students.

"Hopefully some of this money will go toward some of North Carolina's schools and will get these teachers trained and help them be able to identify these children and catch it early," Eakins said.

Currently, North Carolina has no dyslexia-specific laws on the books. Eakins said she hopes the federal law will inspire state lawmakers to change that.

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