Acme Art goes 'digital'

Acme Art goes 'digital'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Acme Art Studios hosted a digital printing workshop for transferring digital images to wood canvases, and in the coming days will hold workshops showing that process on metal and glass.

Participants learned how to transfer digital images using transfer film and an ink-jet printer.

Kristen Crouch, an artist for Acme, has been teaching the creation of these pieces for two years and says these images can range from a variety of any sort of picture, not just landscape or abstract pieces.

"You can really do anything, it just has to start digitally," Crouch said. "So that could be digital photography, graphic design, but you could also have traditional work that you could photograph or scan into the computer."

When not teaching, Crouch creates this artwork herself and says there is a wide variety of ideas and possibilities in this category. She has experience with transferring images to wood, and will teach direct print on metal on Sunday. With the ability to be versatile on varying surfaces, Crouch says there are several ideas that participants display.

"The possibilities are endless with something like this," she said. "So in the long run in the art world, I definitely see things going in, obviously, a digital direction."

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