Ebonee Spears mom, best friend say police offer little help in search for missing woman

Ebonee Spears mom, best friend say police offer little help in search for missing woman

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's been six days since Harriet Rivers talked with her daughter Ebonee.

"Its been horrible," Ebonee's mom says. "We're trying to do the normal stuff because we got her daughter here and we have two little grandchildren here. We're trying to keep things normal but its hard."

A family friend notified Ebonee's parent's after midnight that he wasn't able to reach Ebonee after trying for hours.

Rivers reported her daughter missing Saturday but says police didn't start their search until after the Martin Luther King holiday.

"We did our own search on Monday," Rivers said with frustration."They did their search on Tuesday. We distributed flyers and everything on Monday. Then Tuesday they went out with a team, dogs or whatever and searched the surrounding area neighborhood."

Rivers thinks the department took too long to start a search.

So does Coquitta Whitaker, Ebonee's best friend since middle school.

"We drove the truck like in wooded areas looking for her," Whitaker said. "We've been to every business in town we could think of, and put up flyers for her. We just post everywhere we go now.I would have thought that we would have had contact over the weekend while it was still fresh," Whitaker says.

Whitaker, owner of Blessed Tresses, a local hair salon, says her best friend was right there when she opened in December.

"Before I opened and knew I needed help, I thought I had to call my friend," Whitaker says. "She's so responsible. This is not like her."

Ebonee's car and pocketbook was found at her home but her cell phone is missing.

Her mother says when she calls, it goes straight to voicemail and says the mailbox is full.

"No young person these days lets their phone get full without answering it," Rivers said.

Wilmington police confirmed there was a search Tuesday, but no word on if and when one will resume.

In the meantime, her family and friends hope she's found soon.

"I'm just afraid how I'll find her," her mom said in tears.

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