Speeding has become a problem on Racine Dr

Speeding has become a problem on Racine Dr

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some students who walk to class at UNCW are concerned with drivers who are speeding through Racine and College Acres drives.

"We experience a little bit of speeding on Racine Drive the morning, and in the afternoon," Officer Riley explained. "It usually occurs when the congestion dies down."

Students say they want to feel safe when they walk to class regardless what time of day it is.

"It's like a drag race on this road, and it can be very unsafe on the crosswalks," Conor Duke said. "Even though someone has the right on red, they're not looking. I almost got hit once because this person wasn't looking."

Officers in Wilmington are aware of the problem, and they are working hard to keep students safe.

"There are plenty of officers in the area that are out here looking for speeding, and aggressive driving," Riley said. We also look out for careless and reckless driving."

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