CFPUA saves thousands of dollars with GPS tracking of vehicles

CFPUA saves thousands of dollars with GPS tracking of vehicles

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has saved thousands of dollars by placing GPS trackers in their vehicles.

A CFPUA audit revealed that 19,216 gallons of gas and $54,189 were saved on an annual basis with the implementation of the system. The program allows the authority to monitor the speed and location of it's vehicles on the road.

"The system is designed to tell people this is a safer way to operate and it's really worked," explained Mike McGill, CFPUA Chief Communications Officer.

McGill stated that he had personal experience with the tracking system.

"I was driving up to Chapel Hill for a presentation and I got pinged for going too fast," he explained.

Jim Flechtner, the executive director of the authority, elaborated that the system has had an overall positive impact on the CFPUA. He said cost savings would even be reflected in CFPUA customer rates.

"The GPS system is a gentle reminder to our employees that the speed limits are important and we care about their safety," said Jim Flechtner,

He explained that the system is not just safe, but also efficient.

"For example if we get a call of a repair that's needed, we can dispatch the truck that's closest to the repair. It saves us time, saves us money," explained Flechtner.

Woody White, a New Hanover County Commissioner, hopes that other agencies in the area can adopt the GPS tracking system.

"You have school system vehicles, you have county, city, fire, sheriff, non-essential, non-emergency particularly are all things we could look at to consolidate," White explained.

He said his hope is to discuss the GPS system with other local leaders within the coming weeks.

"We have got to find innovative ways to save every possible dollar, and if this is one of those ways, then it's worth talking about," said White.

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