Bats found on campus of West Bladen High School

Bats found on campus of West Bladen High School

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WECT) - Several bats have recently been spotted on the campus of West Bladen High School.

According to Bladen County School officials, a custodian at the school noticed a bat flying around both gyms last week. For safety reasons, the gyms were closed to students and staff.

Wildlife officials removed several bats from the school between Friday and Monday, while animal control officers worked to seal off any entry points.

No other bats have been seen in the building since Monday evening.

District officials say they are actively exploring options to determine the number of bats, how they entered the building and when and how they can be removed.

"Right now, we're going to go back over the school several times, and just make sure all those access points are closed off," said Valerie Newton, school district spokesperson.

As a precaution, the County health department is testing the removed bats for any potential health risks.

"We assure everyone that the health and safety of our students and staff are priorities as we find the best solution to dealing with the situation. We are also committed to keeping West Bladen parents fully informed at all time," Robert Taylor, superintendent of Bladen County Schools stated.

County health department officials asked the school to close both gyms until lab tests are complete. Results from the lab are expected to be received by the end of this week.

A team of key Maintenance, Custodial, Environmental, and School personnel will continue to assess and monitor the campus to prevent any further intrusions.

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