SCAM ALERT: Child predator scam targets parents

SCAM ALERT: Child predator scam targets parents

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The latest email scam to circulate the internet preys on parents' worst fears. The Better Business Bureau warns the scam poses as a "community safety" alert that claims a "registered-child-offender has just moved into your area."

The email says the information is based on your zip code, and instructs you to click on a link to "learn more about this predator-alert."

Of course, like most email scams, when you click on the link, the email infects your computer with a malware virus that steals personal information like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers.

The Better Business Bureau said the scam tries to distract the recipient by rerouting them through several websites before ultimately sending them to the homepage for "Kids Live Safe," a service that sells localized reports on sex offenders.

But this span isn't actually affiliated with the service.

If you're concerned about registered sex offenders living in your area, it's safer to check out the FBI's directory of state databases.

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