CB fire victim gets new wheels for the New Year

CB fire victim gets new wheels for the New Year
Laura Murray gets a new van for 2015. (Source: WECT)
Laura Murray gets a new van for 2015. (Source: WECT)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - It's been almost a month since the string of

, but with the New Year comes a fresh start, and for many of the fire victims, that is just what they are looking for.

Sea Ranch Motel Resident Manager Laura Murray had just bought a van eight days before it was lit on fire.

"From the time we found out about this family and their vehicle being burnt, immediately this community reacted," said Pleasure Island Fire Relief Fund spokesperson Greg George.

"For some reason it wasn't meant for us to have that vehicle," Murray said. "Now we have a newer vehicle and it's a van!"

Several organizations chipped in to purchase and restore a 2001 gold Town and Country van for the Murray family. The American Legion donated the van to the Pleasure Island Fire Relief Fund, and Superior Automotive of Carolina Beach worked countless hours fixing it up, all free of charge. However, before the Murray family accepted this vehicle, they wanted to make sure the other victims needs were met first. 

"These people are very humble people; they did not even want a van replacement," George smiled. "The first thing they told me is, 'We want to make sure everybody else in this community is taken care of before you even worry about a vehicle for us.'"

Once they were reassured all other victims have been cared for, the Murray's couldn't have been happier to accept their new vehicle. 

"When something bad happens and the community comes together, warps their arm around you, and gives you the shirt off their back - it's pretty awesome," Murray said.

With everyone's help in Carolina Beach, 2015 is off to a good start for Murray.

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