State Board of Elections investigating Navassa councilman

State Board of Elections investigating Navassa councilman

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Authorities with the State Board of Elections are investigating a Navassa councilman who was convicted of two felonies, but filed an elections form that indicated otherwise.

Ernest Mooring, Jr. was convicted in 2005 of identity fraud/theft and obtaining property by false pretenses in Durham County, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety. He was sentenced to 36 months of supervision, which he completed in October 2008.

On his 2013 notice of candidacy form filed with the Brunswick County Board of Elections, Mooring checked the box stating he had not been convicted of a felony offense. He also failed to complete a required form detailing the offenses.

Convicted felons may run for office in North Carolina after their citizenship rights are restored. That occurs at the end of an active sentence, probation, parole, or during supervised release.

Mooring called the issue an oversight, explaining he didn't personally check the box on the form.

"There was nothing maliciously done, nothing purposely done," Mooring said Tuesday during a telephone interview.

It is a Class I felony to knowingly provide false information about a felony conviction on a notice of candidacy, according to state law.

The State Board of Elections is reviewing Mooring's candidacy form, according to Spokesman Josh Lawson.

He said the agency cannot file charges but can refer matters to local prosecutors.

District Attorney Jon David said he was not familiar with the matter.

"I'm sure they will be in touch with us when they complete their investigation," David wrote.

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