#GivingTuesday and how it can help you with your taxes

#GivingTuesday and how it can help you with your taxes

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - We had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now #GivingTuesday. The purpose of this day is to give back to those in need, and people are encouraged to donate to charities.

Making a donation can also help you save when you are filing your taxes for next year. Mark Hanson, an IRS representative says it's important to get the right documentation.

"If you are using a check, credit or debit card then chances are you are going to have a bank record that going to be able to prove you donated and how much you said you gave. If you plan to make a cash charitable contribution and you want to be able to deduct that contribution when you file taxes next year just make sure you get a piece of information from the charity, that has the name of charity, the date that you made the contribution and the amount of that contribution so you can have proof that you indeed donated this amount of money."

To find out which charities are approved through the IRS, click here.

Vintage Values, a thrift store on Castle Street in Wilmington relies on donations to help the domestic Violence Shelter in Wilmington. Officials with the organization say they are looking for more donations and volunteers.

For more information about how you can help, click here.

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