Christmas tree lot nightmare turns into holiday miracle

Leland tree lot's computer glitch costs thousands. (Source: WECT)
Leland tree lot's computer glitch costs thousands. (Source: WECT)

LELAND, NC (WECT) - Picking a Christmas tree from the Mahogany Rock Tree Farm in Leland has has become a family affair for many locals, but last week the tree lot had a credit card glitch and cost the lot $3,000. So what started as business nightmare, turned into a holiday miracle all from the help from our local community.

"I was very upset I was almost sick to my stomach when he told me that," said local tree shopper, Kelly Brantley. "I just thought maybe there was a small way I could help out with the situation."

Brantley's small social media shout-out turned into the big break the tree lot was hoping for.

"I mean it is amazing," Brantley said smiling. "I posted and within four hours it had been shared over 150 times, and then I checked again, and it was like 400 shares. Then, I kept getting friend requests from people I didn't know asking about the situation, I mean it just took fire."

One of those shares is from three year customer John Mulligan, a local business owner himself who wasted no time extending a hand for a fellow salesman.

"As soon as I heard on Facebook I knew that I would come here and not go anywhere else," Mulligan said.

Already, four customers whose transactions failed returned to Mahogany Rock Tree Farm to pay for their tree.

"There are really good people here in Leland and you know its Christmas, and I am sure everyone will return," reassured the lot owner, Patrick Tucker.

Tucker does have the emails of those customers whose transactions did not go through and will be emailing them soon.

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