Documentary shines light on homelessness in the Port City

Documentary shines light on homelessness in the Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington was the spotlight of an international documentary Something You Can Call Home, featuring the lives of those who are homeless in the Port City.

The film was screened at the Northeast Regional Library, followed by a discussion to talk about how the community can get involved in helping the homeless in the Port City.

The documentary followed the lives of a former marine, a student, and others living under bridges and under stairwells in Wilmington. By showing the stories of the homeless men and women here in Wilmington, the film maker is hoping it will encourage action from the community, even if it's just becoming aware of those living without a home who may not necessarily look homeless.

"It's also being aware of people around us, you know people in our congregation, in our school class, or just in our community just being aware that people need support that maybe it's not obvious that's the key thing for me and about those personal relationships, building that up," filmmaker Rebecca Kenyon said.

Kenyon said awareness is key in helping homeless men and women get off the streets. By building connections with them, their needs can be met and addressed.

According to Kenyon, homeless men and women are encouraged to seek refuge in coastal communities which made Wilmington an ideal location for her film.

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