Housing Authority aims to eliminate dumping/trash on city's Southside

Housing Authority aims to eliminate dumping/trash on city's Southside

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Paul D'Angelo, Planning Manager at the Wilmington Housing Authority, is trying to clean up Wilmington's Southside. In the recent weeks he has noticed an excessive amount of trash dumped in front yards and in vacant lots.

“If you're driving down the street and you see a lot of trash, it's not going to help the perception of this side of town," said D'Angelo.

According to the planning manager, the trash in vacant lots sits idle for extended periods of time.

"If it's a vacant lot, the city will not pick it up because there is no unit or bill to attach it to as part of your normal regular service so this could sit here for a long time," said D'Angelo as he motioned to an abandoned couch on the side of the road.

The planning manager has taken it upon himself to get out into the streets and encourage the public to stop. He has started passing out flyers with the city's trash pick-up protocol, and encouraging Southside residents to clean-up the mess.

"It's real good. I like what he coming from and might get everybody to start doing what they supposed to do," said Southside resident Kimberley Cotrry.

D'Angelo hopes a cleaner community will mean more investment opportunities for the Southside.

"With all the efforts were doing to really try and attract big business and investment, new home building or new residents, this makes it tough," said D'Angelo about the trash collecting in the streets. "If we can kind of show that we're cleaning up our streets, it makes a difference and shows that we've got some things happening over here as well as the attraction of investment," he said.

Dylan Lee, a spokesperson with the City of Wilmington, said that city officials encourage anyone who witnesses public dumping to notify law enforcement or city code enforcement officers at 910-341-3266.

Any big bulk items that need to be picked up from personal property do require a special phone call to the city.

The city's solid waste department can be reached with at 910-341-7875.

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