Rescue group talks tips for injured or orphaned birds

Published: Jul. 25, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 29, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT
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SkyWatch Bird Rescue in Wilmington is taking in injured or orphaned birds, rehabilitating them to return to the wild. It's a non-profit organization, working on donations from the community.

Founded by Amelia Mason, the facility is federally licensed to take in these animals of the skies, from the smallest hummingbird to the giant pelican. Mason says, "No bird in need is ever turned away."

The birds that end up at SkyWatch receive medical care, food, shelter, and rehabilitation until they can be placed in protective sanctuaries or returned to the wild. However, not every bird makes it, some must be humanely euthanized if they cannot be rehabilitated.

There are many notable species at the rehab center this week, including a male swan that was found in the Landfall area in Wilmington and a hawk named Eva that is used for educational programs.

The rescue is not state or federally funded, running on donations alone. While money is the number one need for SkyWatch, they are always open to taking in old cell phones, laptops, ipads, ipods, cameras, and empty ink toner/cartridges. The rehab center is part of a recycling program called "Think Green," allowing them to get small dollar amounts for those reusable items.

Volunteers and interns also play a key role in running the facility. They get up every morning to feed and water the hundreds of birds. During the Spring and Summer when baby birds are hatching, they are needed the most because SkyWatch gets an influx of calls for help.

If you do find an injured or possibly orphaned bird, SkyWatch's website has some great information about what you need to do right away.

You can find that information here at

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