UPDATE: Mold at Bellamy Elementary School forces students out

Officials at Bellamy Elementary School have closed one of the mobile units due to mold. (Source: www.nhcs.net/bellamy)
Officials at Bellamy Elementary School have closed one of the mobile units due to mold. (Source: www.nhcs.net/bellamy)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Originally officials moved 21 students into the library after mold was found in a mobile unit at Bellamy Elementary School, but now, some 5th graders are being moved to another school.

Students switching school will temporarily be relocated to Parsley Elementary School until the mold is removed from four mobile units. Remediation of the mobile units is expected to take up to 60 days. While attending school at Parsley, the students will remain under Bellamy's administrative supervision, and will be housed in the mobile units at Parsley.

Robin Hamilton, who is the principal at Parsley, says Bellamy classrooms will be located in four of their mobile units. The classrooms have been integrated with Parsley's lunch and recess schedules.

Hamilton says school officials will work to ensure instruction for all Bellamy and Parsley students is delivered without interruptions.

"We welcome them to Parsley and we will work through any logistical issues to make this a positive educational experience for all students," says Hamilton.

Superintendent Dr. Tim Markley says there about 25 students per class, so about 100 students will be affected every day.

"Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible, with as little interruption to educational services as possible," said Superintendent Markley.

Parents are upset about their kids going to a different set of trailers that have not been tested for mold. The school system says they will test the trailers at Parsley, but the students from Bellamy will continue to use those trailers until the test results come back.

There will be a parent meeting at Bellamy Elementary School on September 25 at 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to answer questions and concerns on the situation. Parents unable to attend either meeting can get information by called 910-350-2039.

Students were originally moved to the Library when the mold was first discovered in one of the trailers.

School officials say, a company called Precision Environmental will treat the mold. It will close the school system more than $4,000.

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