Cheer Infinity fights to keep flips, stunts in middle school Cheerleading

New Hanover County high school students cheer at basketball game
New Hanover County high school students cheer at basketball game

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC - (WECT) - They may have spirit, but now cheerleaders in New Hanover County Middle Schools, will have to back off on some of the stunts they want to perform.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rick Holliday says cheerleading has never been considered an official sport in the Athletic Department, therefore it is not covered under the school system's Catastrophic Insurance Policy.

Recently, when a principal expressed concern about the safety of the students, Halliday met with principals and decided that while middle schoolers will be allowed to create cheer or pep teams, they will not be allowed to do stunts, flips or even tumbles. People in the cheerleading community say that's a big part of the sport.

The owner of Cheer Infinity, off of Oleander, started a Facebook page and says she wants to do what she can to help save the sport.

And will be meeting with cheer coaches this weekend to see what she can do to help.

"It's in their heart and they love to do it," explained Allison Dunlap, the owner of Cheer Infinity, "to take it away is just devastating for them."  She says without the middle school practice the students will be behind when they enter high school.

"If they don't have that back ground they'll be cut short on that progression," said Dunlap, adding that they could even miss out on scholarship opportunities.

"It's more of hurt to the kids than it is to anybody," said Dunlap.  It's not just the scores, she says many of the middle schoolers have spent hours perfecting their skills, that they will no longer be able to do.

"They are just sad they are sad," said Dunlap. "They can't do the sport they love to do."

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