911: 'I'm at Katy's and a car just came through the front'

Police: Suspect purposely crashed car into restaurant after political disagreement
A car crashed into Katy's Bar and Grill Friday night.
A car crashed into Katy's Bar and Grill Friday night.
Jacob Spivey (Source: New Hanover County Jail)
Jacob Spivey (Source: New Hanover County Jail)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - "I'm at Katy's bar and grill. There was just a vehicle that drove through the front of the building," said one of several people who called 911 Friday night.

Two people were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries after a car crashed into the restaurant on S. College Road in Wilmington.

According to Cpl. A.D. Schwartzel, Jacob Spivey, 26, became upset when a 40-year-old woman made comments about his political beliefs. Officials say Spivey told police he intentionally drove over the curb and onto the patio with the intent to seriously injure the woman.

Lt. Mary Green says Spivey then left the building and intentionally drove into the business to harm that woman, then left the scene.

"A car drive into Katy's bar – it was a green Honda, they headed south on college road, they fled," one person told 911 operators.

Two patrons at the bar were taken to the hospital.

"I think some people are hurt," another caller told 911 operators. "We've got a guy here with his ankle hurt and his hip seems to be hurt."

Another caller told 911 operators a woman was lying on the ground inside the business.

A 40-year-old female victim, Christina Short, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including broken bones and several lacerations, but her injuries are not life-threatening. As of Sunday morning, we do not have an update on Short's condition.

The other victim, Christopher Lindsay, sustained minor injuries. Lindsay has been treated and released from the hospital.

Stephanie Idarra tended to one of the victims of the crash. She said the woman was bleeding and complained she was having pain in her leg and back.

Idarra was singing karaoke when the car ran into the building.

"All of a sudden I see a car come through, I went into Mom mode," she said. "I ran to see if anyone was hurt. There was a girl pinned, I held her head and held her still until EMS got here and took over."

Paul Watson also witnessed the wreck.

"I was just singing with my friend and next thing I knew the car just plowed into the wall over there," he said. "I knew instantly something was wrong."

Spivey is charged with 11 counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 1 count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon inflicting serious injury, 1 count Hit and Run, 1 count Injury to Real Property, and 1 count Careless and Reckless Operation.

Police believe alcohol and/or drugs were not a factor.

Katy's Grill and Bar reopened Saturday night at 5pm. The restaurant itself stayed open on Saturday but the bar portion was closed while crews cleared the debris and boarded up the windows.

The General Manager says this isn't the first a car has hit the restaurant, he said it also happened several years ago.

Spivey faces several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

In court Monday, his mother told the judge she and spivey's father decided to bond him out because he needs proper mental treatment.

Now Spivey has to wear a  monitoring device, and he can only leave his apartment for doctor and lawyer appointments. The judge said, that was to make sure the community is safe along with Spivey.

It will still be several weeks before the total damage to the restaurant is known.

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