Michelle's Markdowns: Free photo paper, cheap milk, and Glade

Michelle's Markdowns: Couponing for 11/9

WILMNGTON, NC (WSFX) – Here's a quick guide to some of the things you can get free or cheap this week, and you don't need coupons for all of the deals.

Harris Teeter:

-Cheap Smart Balance Milk:  On sale, 2.14.  Use 75-cent or 1.50 coupon from SS 9/30.  There's also a printable.  You'll pay .64 for each.

-Kraft shredded cheese:  On sale BOGO – 3.45 for two.  Use 1.00 printable coupon.  You'll pay 2.45 for two, and that means 1.23 each.

-Swanson chicken broth:  On sale, .59.  Use a coupon for .40 off 5.  Buy 5 at 2.95.  Pay 2.15 for 5, which means .43 each.  Coupon from SS 11/4.

-Progresso Recipe starters:  On sale, BOGO, or 1.24 each.  Use a coupon for .50 off.  Final cost: 24-cents.

- Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt:  On sale, .99.  Use a printable coupon for 40-cents.  Makes it .19.  Also- there's an evic for .40, too, and if you use that, you could make money.

-Diamond Crystal Kosher Sea Salt:  On sale 1.07 (BOGO).  Use a printable coupon for .50.  Pay .07.  There's also an evic for .50.

-Kraft squeezable Mayo:  On sale 1.50.  There's a printable coupon for 1.00 off.  Pay .50.

*SS = Smart Source

*Evic = Harris Teeter offers digital coupons on harristeeter.com that can also be used with manufacturers coupons.  You have to select them onto your rewards card in order to get the extra evic discount.  They appear on your receipts as ZVRs.


Free Photo Paper at Staples:  Buy a 50 pk at 14.00.  Receive a 13.99 Easy Rebate.  If you have a coupon for 15% off, you'll end up paying around 12.75 for it, and earning a buck by the rebate.

These deals are shared with the best intentions.  If you have something to share, let us know!  And, also you may want to take into account that prices and taxes vary from region to region.

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