'Black community should be outraged' over delivery-driver murder

One man wants to know why no one's speaking out after a recent murder in Wilmington.
One man wants to know why no one's speaking out after a recent murder in Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – A man on the other side of the country is calling for the African-American community in Wilmington, and the entire United States, to speak up about a recent murder.

Robert Oliver, of San Diego, emailed Mayor Pro-tem Earl Sheridan and the rest of Wilmington City Council to ask why no one is outraged about the June 14 murder of Zhen Bo Liu. Six black males, including two juveniles, face charges related to the crime.

In his email, Oliver wrote it's "time for black people to get off the dime and not be tolerant of their own criminals."

Sheridan said that Oliver's message is wrong to make the matter a racial one. The council member said the crime does not seem to be racially-motivated, so race is not the issue.

"Just because they're black, he's calling it a racial thing," said Sheridan. "I think that smacks of racism in and of itself."

Oliver said Monday night that he wants to see both Sheridan and the NAACP proclaim violence like this to be intolerable.

"I'm seeing all of this stuff about Trayvon Martin all over the nation," said Oliver. "Why can't we see that kind of outrage about this man who was just doing his job?"

Sheridan said the crime is a shame for everyone in the community. He wants to see Wilmington improve as a positive environment for children.

"We want to be sure that all parts of our community are a nice community - that our young people grow up and do the right thing, regardless of whether they are black or white or Hispanic or whatever," Sheridan said.

Oliver added that the crime happened in Wilmington, but communities across the country should be involved.

"The black community, not only in Wilmington, but here in San Diego, Detroit and Los Angeles, should be outraged that six of their own would, in cold blood, kill a man just for kicks."

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