June poll shows Romney leading in NC

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) – President Barack Obama has lost his lead in North Carolina, according to a new poll done by Public Policy Polling. In a new poll of 810 voters done between June 10-13, Mitt Romney surged ahead of the President by a 48-46 margin. It is the first time PPP has found Romney ahead in its monthly polls in North Carolina since October, when he led 46-45.

In a release, PPP says Romney's standing has improved seven points in North Carolina since April, when President Obama held a 5-point lead at 49-44. According to PPP, voters in North Carolina have warmed up to Romney since he clinched the Republican nomination May 29.

The new poll shows 41% of voters have a favorable opinion of Romney, to 46% with a negative one. The results represent a 24 point improvement on the margin from April, when Romney was at a -29 spread (29/58).  President Obama still holds down the youth vote (ages 18-29) convincingly, 54-38. But that's the only age group he wins against Romney.

"North Carolina remains one of the most closely contested swing states in the country,"Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling said in the release. "But there has been a modest shift toward Mitt Romney since he wrapped up the Republican nomination."

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