Paddleboarding enthusiasts race at Wrightsville Beach

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - More than 100 paddleboarding enthusiasts from all over the world spent the day racing at Wrightsville Beach Saturday in honor of the 4th Annual Cold Stroke Classic.

Organizers said they started the event to give folks something to do with their boards during the winter months.

Paddleboarding is a relatively new sport, and people who came out to the event said the sport is continuing to evolve.

Nicholas Leason owns a paddle board shop in Puerto Rico and came all the way to Wrightsville Beach for Saturday's race.

"I think today with the wind, it was one of the most intense races I've ever experienced," said Leason."So, it was a lot of fun to be here. It was an experience."

The event raised money for Standup for a Clean Ocean, or SUP Cleanup, which is an organization that started at Wrightsville Beach to clean trash on beaches during weekends. Since its formation, the organization has since spread to more than 25 chapters around the globe.

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