Boys bare it all for the new year

Phillip Lynch as "Horse"
Phillip Lynch as "Horse"
Robert Hood plays a "real stripper" in The Full Monty
Robert Hood plays a "real stripper" in The Full Monty
Michael Walton Jones as Harold and Carson Capps as his wife Vicki
Michael Walton Jones as Harold and Carson Capps as his wife Vicki

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's been five years since City Stage first put up a production of The Full Monty.  Now, to ring in 2012, the company is performing the wildly popular show again.

Some of the cast is returning to reprise their roles.  Other cast members are performing the show for the first time, but the message of the production stays the same.

"To anybody who's ever heard of it, it's just about six guys getting naked, but that's not all it is," said actor Anthony David Lawson.

"It's about a bunch of real people in real situations that I think right now with the way the economy is, I think people are going to be able to really identify with it a lot more," said actor Gray Hawks.  "These guys are out of work.  They're down on their luck, and they're trying to make ends meet the best way that they can, and it just so happens they pick a very unconventional way."

After seeing how much their ladies liked a Chippendale's show, a group of laid-off mill workers decide to get rich quick by stripping.  Ringleader Jerry ropes his best friend Dave into the gig, as well as Malcolm, the mill's night security guard.  They convince the old foreman to join up and teach them how to dance.  They hold auditions for a couple other members, and end up with "Horse," an older African-American man who can really move despite his bad hip and Ethan, a guy who says he can't sing or dance but has one big "attribute" to offer.

"Six normal guys, just everyday guys having everyday problems becoming comfortable with themselves and making money in the process," said Lawson.

Hawks and Lawson performed the show five years ago and didn't think twice about reprising their roles as Jerry and Dave, respectively.

"We're having a blast again," said Lawson.

"We just picked it up just like we never left, and we've had a ball with it," said Hawks.

But some of the fellows are new to this boys' club.

"Everybody was so open and supportive when I came in," said newcomer Phillip Lynch who plays Horse. "It wasn't like I'd missed a beat. You only have some of these roles once, and if I can do this I can do anything, you know. I'm just ready to go out there and do it."

The "it" Lynch is talking about is indeed the full monty.

"Which means to take all your clothes off," explained Lawson.

"It's done tastefully," added Hawks. "There's nothing dirty about it."

"The story is so good you forget what you initially thought you were there for," said Lawson. "Everyone is so pumped by the end, and they're screaming and cheering. They're cheering for the guys. They're not cheering for the nudity."

The Fully Monty

The New Year's Eve performance of The Full Monty is part of a gala at Thalian Hall.  Tickets are $75.  The event starts at 7:00pm with a buffet, open bar, champagne, desserts at intermission and favors.  The party lasts until 1:00am.

For tickets, call (910) 632-2285 or click here.

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