MTYT: What happened to common sense?

By Gary McNair - bio|email

One viewer contacted me recently and asked, "Whatever happened to common sense?"  He was referring to three recent decisions by elected officials, all in Brunswick County.  Kind of makes you wonder if a wind blew through over there and swept the ability to solve problems out to sea.

The City of Southport finally decided it is going to enforce an ordinance it put on the books seven years ago banning benches on the sidewalks.  Why all of a sudden?  And why not deal collaboratively with any businesses that are really blocking the sidewalks?  The good news here is I'm getting the feeling Southport doesn't have many real problems if something like this is causing a big stink at city hall.

Not to be outdone, the Brunswick County Commissioners decided to enforce a code that's been on the books for years barring roadside vendors.  I know there are safety issues.  But why punish folks trying to make a living off the land in this down economy?  And why didn't they let people know they were going to do this prior to planting season?  Surely there was a better way to handle this problem.

And the big and beautiful American Flag in Leland -- I can't help but think there was a better solution for that issue too.

It seems to me that lately common sense is not so common for many elected officials in Brunswick County.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

This is one of the best my turn i have seen !!!   You really hit the nail on the head !!!!

I'am a  disable veteran retired , To me this really shows how much pride that the town of "Leland " Elected Officials can show so MUCH disrespect to 1 of the most Heart felt things to see with my eyes knowing how many active an retired military that pass this flag on U.S. 17 , when i see this flag it bring so much pride  to my Heart it can just make me tear up at times remembering the past an the present military personnel . !!!  What Happen to common sense ,  Elected Officials of the Town of Leland  you should be ashamed of your self , What  Happened to showing Pride in the Flag of the United States of America, I say the Bigger the Flag the more Heart felt   "" PRIDE "" I see  !! !!


My wife and I agree with WECT-TV.  Your commentary on preceived problems in Southport, Leland and Brunswick County hit the "nail" on the head.

If all I have to worry about is a 18" bench blocking a 6' - 8' sidewalk............I feel pretty good.


Common sense is lacking nationwide.


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