Neighborhood turned into war zone

Wilmington police say some teenagers are using what they've learned in school to make bombs to terrorize a local neighborhood. Wayne Hutchins says his neighborhood has been turned into a war zone. One abandon house in particular has taken the brunt of most of the violence, but Hutchins says the violence has left his entire neighborhood in shock. "You don't know what's going on., you just don't sleep it keeps you awake."

This terror has been going on for several months. The teens favorite weapon is bombs made out of liter coke bottles Drano and aluminum foil. Wilmington police officer Johnny Nelms points out that not only is making these bombs extremely dangerous, but it's also a federal offense. "It's a class D to G felony offense, that means you can go to prison from 1 to 25 years." Officer Nelms also says it's common for situations like this to happen as the weather gets warmer and kids are out of school. He says parents need to have a closer eye on their children, and explain them the seriousness of these types of crimes.