My Turn, Your Turn: Consumer recalls

By Gary McNair - bio|email

I don't remember when the first consumer recall went into effect.  I do know the Consumer Product Safety Commission was created in the early 70s.

This week, when they announced their latest recall of 50 million roll-up window blinds, I couldn't help but wonder how I ever survived my childhood years without the help of the federal government looking out for me.

It also caused me to wonder when we started getting off-track with what our government is really supposed to be doing.

When did someone decide that providing public safety should go beyond controlling crime and protecting us against law breakers?  Who decided we also needed to relieve people from their personal responsibility of looking out for themselves and their children?

As a kid, I probably played with a lot of toys that could have caused me harm, and I certainly was exposed to many products and situations that would not meet the approval of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

But given the choice, I would trust my mother's ability to look out for my health and safety much more than I would someone in Washington.

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