Final appeal denied to man convicted of 1995 murder of Wilmington teen

Posted by Kristy Ondo - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The man accused of murdering a Laney High School student in 1995 has reached the end of the line when it comes to direct court appeals.

On Tuesday, the North Carolina Supreme Court denied Todd Boggess' appeal for another new trial in the murder of Danny Pence.

Boggess was first convicted in 1997 for the murder of the Wilmington honor student and was sentenced to death.

He appealed and was awarded another trial.

In 2007, another jury convicted Boggess, sentencing him to life in prison without parole.

Last month, the State Supreme Court denied an appeal of that verdict.. 

Danny Pence's mother, Sharlene Pence told WECT it was the end of a long road, and that she is relieved that the Attorney General's office said Boggess' chances for direct appeals have come to an end.

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