Bizarre Stuff

This website lists what it calls "bizarre stuff"--a collection of old science experiments you can try at home, or at least read about if they're too dangerous.  The index lists the projects from A to Z, airship to zoetrope, while the category section lists them by general topic.

For example, the "airship" experiment copies a 1909 article from Popular Mechanics on building and designing a dirigible--at that time considered cutting edge and a wave of the future, but now considered extremely dangerous because of the highly flammable hydrogen gas used.  Modern blimps use helium, which is not flammable.

One of the first topics that this site covered is slime, or non-Newtonian fluids to be exact.  There are some recipes you can try or just read about the properties of slime and its relatives.

For this week in geek, I'm Mark Avery.