Wilmington Police hope national attention will help solve 2 murders

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington Police hope national exposure will lead to an arrest in two unsolved murders.

Friday night, the Dateline profile of the deaths of Allison Foy and Angela Rothen generated more than two dozen calls.

Allison Foy is a young mother who disappeared after walking out of Junction Pub and Billiard late one night.

"We always believe she did get in cab and God knows what happened after that what remains the main thing that person is still at large," said Monica Caison with the CUE Center for Missing Persons.

Foy's remains were found in a wooded area just 3 miles from the pub, and next to the bones of Angela Rothen.

As the Dateline special came to an end, the phones began ringing at the Wilmington Police Department Friday night.

They say they received nearly 30 tips, all of which they plan to follow up on.

Foy's sister, Lisa Valentino, played a large role in the Dateline special and hopes the national attention will provide the information to crack the case.

"Somebody knows what happens," said Valentino.  "[I'm] hoping this story going from start to finish, this is a family that has gone through a tremendous amount of pain and there is two little girls that have lost their mom and this is a guy or girl or whatever that did this that needs to be taken off of the streets."

Caison has followed this case from start to finish and said she is hopeful new tips will come in, but says it's important to not discredit leads that have not been disproven.

"No one believed Allison was a true missing person and we did and we pushed it to the fore front of community," said Caison.  "Now people have fell in love with her and have felt the pain of the family whether a prostitute with problems or simply has walked away every missing person they are loved by family and needed in lives of certain people."

The families remain hopeful that one day their cases will be solved and the families will receive justice.

"That person is still at large that person hasn't been brought to justice Angela nor Allison have received justice for their crimes, but we are hopeful that one day these case will be solved and one day the families will receive justice," said Caison.

Anyone with information regarding the two murders can fill leave an anonymous tip at www.tip708.com or call 1-877-574-0086.

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