Mini Splits- The Cost-Effective, Easy and Versatile Heating & Cooling Solution

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The Ductless Mini Split is one of the many popular, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning products O’Brien Service Company offers. Just like your regular air conditioning system, mini splits are air conditioners- one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. There are additional similarities, however, the biggest difference and benefit is the ductless aspect.


Mini split units are perfect for rooms, renovations, and add-ons like:

  • Sunrooms
  • Garages
  • Frogs (front room over garage)
  • Sheds
  • Other enclosed spaces with limited heating and cooling

In this article, we’ll cover what ductless ac is, how it works, how much it costs, who installs the mini split, and if it’s worth it!

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split system is a great heating and cooling option for your home. As mentioned above, there is one outside unit and one (or more) indoor unit that work together to bring comfort to an individual room. The installation of the indoor unit can be in a couple of places, on your ceiling or to your wall. Additionally, the indoor unit is easier to install over a regular air conditioning system because it’s ductless.


With ducting out of the equation, there is no need to clean dirt and dust buildup throughout the ductwork. This gives the greater possibility of improving your indoor air quality!

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

The mini split system works through constant communication between the indoor and outdoor units. You are able to control the system through a remote or thermostat. Some mini split systems, like the Mitsubishi mini split we offer, come with an app so you can have control over your ductless ac from anywhere!


Additionally, the ductless mini split system will only affect the temperature of the room where it’s installed. This means it will not affect the temperature of any room other than the room where it’s located. Furthermore, if the room is not in use often, the temperature can be set high or low when not in use. This minus the possibility of poorly sealed ducts adds to the efficiency of the mini split system. For more detailed information on how ductless mini splits work, click here.

How Much Is A Ductless Mini Split System?

When asking for a “ballpark estimate” on a mini split, or even a whole HVAC system, there are a few steps to take before getting the estimate. Our sales office will first have to schedule a complimentary in-home evaluation. This evaluation usually takes about two hours but will determine the best system for your home. This may seem inconvenient at first, however, it’s well worth it because you will ultimately save money and your mini split will perform more efficiently.

Who Installs Ductless Mini Splits?

Although you can install a mini split by yourself, we do recommend having a professional install the mini split ac unit for you. For example, if you have O’Brien install your ductless air conditioner then you will also receive the benefit of a warranty. That means if anything goes wrong with your mini split ac unit and it’s still under warranty, you will not be charged for the cost of the parts needed for repair.


O’Brien Service has been installing ductless mini splits and other heating and cooling systems for over 40 years! So do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions! We’re always happy to help with any and all of your HVAC needs.

Are Ductless Mini Splits Worth It?

Are ductless mini splits worth it? This is a question you’ll ask yourself when you consider buying a mini split. There are several benefits to having a ductless mini split in your sunroom, garage, frog, shed, or space with limited heating or cooling. These benefits include:

  • Energy efficient
  • No ductwork
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Environmentally conscious

Like we said before, O’Brien Service Company has been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years. Please give us a call with any questions regarding the ductless mini split or any other HVAC system!