Hamm Hearing Aids: Tips for Traveling with a Hearing Loss

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Travel can be exhausting given today’s security procedures. But adding in struggles with hearing loss, the process can be even more stressful. Because of all that, it’s essential to learn helpful tips to make your traveling experience easier.

Hearing aids can and should be worn when walking through the metal detector

While hearing aids will not set off an alarm, they will not be affected by the metal detector or x-ray screening. Also, TSA security officers have been trained to help travelers with disabilities to make sure to be clear in your needs. If you’re in need of additional help.

You can travel with an emotional support dog

Those who use a dog companion for hearing or seeing purposes can go through security checkpoints with their animal, but you’ll need to follow service animal special guidelines in doing so.

Bring a small dry-aid kit

This is essential if you are traveling to a climate with considerable humidity for an extended period. This can help prevent moisture damage to the hearing aid as a result of the climate elements. Also, make sure you bring a case to keep the hearing aids from getting damaged.

Bring extra batteries

Especially if you are traveling abroad, to make sure you are never left without the ability to take in the sounds of your destination with your hearing aids.

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