Addicted: Part Three - Road to Recovery

Efforts to push back against the opioid crisis have seen some success, but House said he believes there is still a long road ahead — one that, like the recovery road of an individual struggling against substance abuse, will require a variety of remedies and a shift in perspective.

‘Inappropriate touching’ allegations against NHCS teacher: no charges, but questions remain

After an investigation by both school officials and law enforcement, there will be no charges against a middle school special education teacher with a ‘pattern of touching students’ on the head, shoulder, and stomach. The investigation found insufficient evidence that the touching was sexual in natu

Former NHCS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Holliday files response to civil suit over Michael Kelly assaults

Dr. James Rickie Holliday, the former deputy superintendent of New Hanover County Schools, filed his response to a civil suit against him, the current administration, and the board of education.


2 NC prison workers attacked a day on average, filling vacant jobs difficult

Two years after deadly attacks at the Bertie and Pasquotank prisons, North Carolina is struggling to fill vacant prison jobs, with some lawmakers floating a $200 million proposal to improve pay.